February 11, 2019

It’s a new year, and it’s probably safe to say that you’ve got big plans to grow, expand, launch, or tackle some bright and shiny new goal or pass some aggressive growth milestone. That’s all great! That’s what keeps your business growing and the economy moving. However, before you get too caught up in the expansive possibilities of 2019, it might be time to take a look at your HR policies.
Sure, it’s one thing to create HR policies, but quite another to keep them up to date. Effective policies are not inflexible and unchanging. They’re also not something you create once and leave on a shelf to gather dust and rule arbitrarily. Effective policies shift and evolve and are intended to grow and adapt with a company. While the core elements of a policy may stay the same, the details should change with the organization.
With all the pressing daily tasks in the workplace, not to mention big and exciting new year goals, it’s easy for policy review to fall through the cracks. However, it’s a good idea for policy review (and potential updates) to be done regularly and proactively, not reactively after an issue or incident.  
Don’t wait for a problem or question to pull your organization’s HR policies off the shelf. Make policy and procedure review a standing item on your organization’s calendar, and plan to review policies every one to three years (although some experts recommend reviewing policies annually). 
It’s also a good idea to consider the following:
·     Your policies may be outdated. Has your business grown in the past three to five years? Do you have a social media policy? A family leave policy? As your business grows and the culture changes, your policies should also evolve.
·     Your policies may be noncompliant. Federal, state, and local employee laws change daily. Do your policies reflect those changes? 
·     Your policies may not be employee friendly. Requiring employees to work back-to-back days around the holidays or requiring that they produce a death notice to prove their favorite uncle died isn’t good for employee morale. 
·     Your policies may be unenforced. If you’re not enforcing your policies or you’re not enforcing them evenly, it’s probably time to look at that and adapt policies that you can keep consistent across the board.
When it comes to HR and keeping policies current, Spectrum Payroll can help. We know that HR support is a critical component to protecting and growing your business, which is why we’re pleased to partner with ThinkHR. With employment laws, regulations, and practices constantly changing, you need reliable resources in place to keep your business compliant, and ThinkHR can not only answer your questions, but also help protect your business from costly lawsuits and audits. ThinkHR can also help your business create an automated system for managing benefits, workplace policies, handbooks, employee records and more. 

Once you’ve updated your policies, don’t forget to communicate those changes to your team. That will keep everyone in the know on current topics and can save headaches and potentially unpleasant surprises. We are standing by to help you assess your current policies around benefits and offer you tools to need to take the fear out of your HR policies and turn them in to a vital component of your organization’s infrastructure and key tool to helping you do business.

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