Aiming for Great With Each New Hire

January 3, 2019

Teamwork makes the dream work and building a strong team can make all the difference when it comes to whether or not your business soars in the new year. The right employee can enhance your workplace culture, help you accomplish goals, improve employee morale and more. The wrong employee can have also a profound impact, however, their impact tends to be costly and time consuming.
Hiring the right people is easier said than done, in part because impressions from interviews and résumés don’t necessarily tell the whole story. Brenden Watt, CFO of Access Consciousness Australia-Asia, was quoted in Inc. as saying, “When hiring, most people look for who appears to be what they have decided they need. Whether that's the best resume or the best interviewer, most of the time those people are also the best at 'getting the job' not 'being what you the job requires.’” 
Watt recommends that you look for the person who matches the energy of your company. That’s an approach that Michael Page, a PageGroup recruitment agency agrees with. “While understanding the company’s existing environment can provide you with an insight into who you should or should not hire, you will also need to focus on the individual characteristics of your candidates to ensure they’re right for your business.” The safest way to do that is by asking behavioral and motivational questions as part of the interview. 

Michael Page does that by asking interviewees why they think they’ll be a good fit, and what their ideal job looks like to paint a picture of their personality. Watt takes that a bit further and asks, “What inspires you to create? What are some of the things you see that are great about you? What's the one thing I should have asked you, that I haven't?” The answers help him move beyond the perfect interview responses to learn more about who the person really is, and what they'll actually bring to the business. shares several more “must-ask” behavioral and motivational questions, including: 
·     Have you been asked to perform a task or spearhead an initiative that went against your values? What did you do?(Speaks to integrity and illustrates how they navigate uncomfortable and uncertain situations.)
·     Have you ever had too much to do, but not enough resources? How did you handle the pressure, overcome the deficit and/or achieve goals?(Uncovers how the candidate responds to pressure and their problem-solving skills.)
·     Have you ever gone the extra mile when it would have been just as acceptable to perform the bare minimum? Why did you exert the effort? What was the outcome?(Delivers insights into the candidate’s drive.)
Bottom line, whatever the question, the key is thinking outside of the box. Once you move beyond the tried and true experience, strengths, and workplace scenarios, you can learn more about what makes the candidate tick, and better determine if they will be the right fit.
Spectrum Payroll Can Help
At Spectrum Payroll, we have plenty of resources to help you successfully make your next hire. We offer reliable background checks that can limit potential liability and help you avoid misinformed decisions through National Crime Search, which is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate pre-employment verification service available. We also offer an HR Support Center and On-Demand Service which gives you access to a number of premium HR tools, resources, and information – including access to job descriptions, recruiting guidance, internal policies, labor law compliance, HR and employee forms, employee guides, benefits information, and unlimited access to live consultations with HR experts.
With a few extra questions, a comprehensive verification process, and access to the right HR tools, you can easily aim for great with each new hire. Placing the right people in the right positions will not only help you meet your company’s needs, it will provide you with the resources you need to grow.

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