Building a Team for the Long Haul

November 18, 2019

It’s a given that replacing an employee is not something any employer looks forward to. Limited time and resources can make the process difficult, and oftentimes the loss of acquired knowledge and skills the employee possessed make the loss and replacement process costly.
And not just any new hire can fill the void left by their predecessor either. While you may be looking for someone who can enhance workplace culture, help you accomplish goals, improve employee morale and more, you could end up with someone who has a costly and time-consuming impact on your organization. To save yourself the time and trouble, you could concentrate on building a team, and workplace culture, that has employees engaged for the long haul.
Your staff will benefit from a company culture that recognizes achievement, displays gratitude, and encourages communication. It’s a known fact that when people feel appreciated, they are far more likely to continue working for you. To do that you may want to:
Open the lines of communication – People need to be able to share their ideas and speak openly without fear of repercussion. People want their opinions heard, and they want to feel good about the company they work for. Ask for input, solicit feedback on changes and initiatives, and listen attentively to what your team is saying. Don’t just tell employees you appreciate their input, show them.
Act on feedback – If you request input, be prepared to act on it. If people don't see any changes, they will shut down and wonder why they put themselves out there. Sure, not every suggestion merits action, but at the bare minimum it warrants acknowledgment. An explanation as to why a suggestion isn't being acted upon, or at least not implemented right now, is always a smart move.
Give credit where credit is due – Nothing kills morale faster than taking credit for someone else’s idea. Give credit to your team member(s) for their ideas and acknowledge their part in organizational change. That not only will help you build a stronger team, it will make employees more likely to share future ideas and further strengthen the company.
Repeat – The process of asking for, and acting on, employee input needs to become the norm in your organization, and part of your overall operations. That input, often delivered from the front lines, can be key when it comes to growth and strategy and will keep your employees actively engaged and invested in organizational outcomes.
Have fun – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and also less likely to engage in company activities or initiatives. Whether you all head out for Taco Tuesday, work together to raise money for a local charity, or participate in some sort of recreational activity it’s important to give your team the freedom to relax together, and show up in a different way. After all, the team that plays together, stays together, and you want your employees to be able to form bonds that will serve them, and your organization, for years to come.
Bottom line, if you create a culture where people feel involved in the process, and truly love coming to work, your team will be in it for the long haul. That will allow you to not only meet your company’s needs, it will provide you with the staff and resources you need to grow.
Spectrum Payroll Can Help
At Spectrum Payroll, we have plenty of resources to help you successfully make your next hire, to help you build a team that’s in it for the long haul. We offer reliable background checks that can limit potential liability and help you avoid misinformed decisions through National Crime Search, which is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate pre-employment verification service available. We also offer an HR Support Center and On-Demand Service which gives you access to a number of premium HR tools, resources, and information – including access to job descriptions, recruiting guidance, internal policies, labor law compliance, HR and employee forms, employee guides, benefits information, and unlimited access to live consultations with HR experts.

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