Communicate Your Way to Growth

June 26, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great to be able grow your business, and not spend any extra money doing it? While that may sound too good to be true, it can be done. In fact, you can do it without obtaining financing, redirecting funds, or even delegating manpower. In just a few minutes, you can adopt a number of small practices that can permanently alter the way people feel about doing business with you.
Say Thanks
A brief thank you note at the end of a big project or at the completion of a transaction can set the tone for a business relationship moving forward. Perhaps it’s a quick note to a new vendor, or an email or phone call to an existing client, whatever your method, taking time to say thanks works. In today’s go-go-go work environment, taking time to say thanks shows gratitude and thoughtfulness – two great traits for any working relationship.
Connect Others
Do you know someone that your new client, contact or vendor needs to know? Introduce them. When you leverage your connections, particularly in the early stages of your company (when resources might be scarce), you’re signaling that you aren’t miserly, but instead want to share the pie.  Don’t make introductions just for connection’s sake though, make sure the relationship can be beneficial for all parties.
Be Present
Whether you are in a meeting with your staff, customers, or vendors, or at a networking event with peers, pay attention. Nobody likes to do business with someone who is looking at their phone every few minutes, or who constantly interrupts them or seems distracted. Give whoever is in front of you at least a few minutes of your undivided attention. That tells them that they matter, and so does their relationship with you.
Talk To Others, Not At Them
When speaking with someone, make sure that you engage and have a conversation, rather than deliver a speech. Recent findings from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggest it’s human nature -- even from a young age -- to favor an engaging conversation over a one-sided one. Incorporate the other person’s perspective by asking questions and making it clear how that what they’re saying is also relevant. This helps others realize that you’re open to input, and flexible in your approach.
Celebrate Success
Whether you’ve had an employee do an unbelievable job on a new account, or had a client or vendor set a new milestone or experience growth, it’s important to take time to congratulate them for a job well done. In the case of an employee or staff member, public praise or recognition can go a long way, and increase overall engagement. In the case of a client or vendor taking time to recognize and reach out can make a good relationship great. Celebrating moments and milestones shows that you care about their success and builds trust and respect. 

Bottom line, relationships take time, but are worth it as they help shape how your employees, clients, customers, vendors feel about you, and about doing business with our company. How you choose to set the tone in your interactions will have the biggest impact and can help you save time and money in terms of current and future growth.

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